VElorum Cash (VEC)

Token Distribution

The total supply of VEC is 18,000,000,000 which will be distributed as follows:

ConceptAllocation %Allocation Tokens
Rewards Pool75%13,500,000,000
MECO & GRN Rewards15%2,700,000,000
Treasury Fund10%1,800,000,000

Monetary Policy

VEC is an non-inflatable in-game currency that will be usable in all the games in our network. The token can be earned through in game rewards, by participating in activities like mining and refining ores into minerals and alloys, and selling them in the game market.

Rewards Pool

Total 75% of all VEC tokens will be allocated to reward players. Initially, these rewards will only apply to the first game available, Singularity. Over time as Redshift and Dominion are released, the rewards will be shared across all games which would make the token more scarce.

MECO & GRN Rewards

Before the final version of the game is launched, we will host several early launch events in which we will reward players with in-game assets and NFTs. These event rewards will include VEC tokens for completing tasks in-game.

Treasury Fund

The purpose of the treasury fund is to grow the in-game community and increase engagement. Token holders will be able to vote on its evolution.

The Treasury Fund is available to a corporation in-game (Phox Security). Phox will be able to use the funds to pay for in-game expenses, such as the purchase of territory, structures, stations, and other assets. They will also be able to use the funds to pay for in-game events, such as tournaments, and to pay for in-game rewards, such as NFTs.

Phox Security headquarters are located in Moonlight Station, orbiting the 4th planet in the Revelation System. The community will be able to vote on how part of the funds are used.


At Covr Games we are committed to the development of the game, the network, and the community.

We have decided to not distribute any tokens as team rewards. Yes, you read that right. Our intention is to get VEC to be a fair launch token, starting without ICOs, without investor rewards, and without a big chunk saved for the team.

We are gamers, and we will play the game like anybody else. We will earn our tokens by playing the game, mining, refining, and manufacturing.

See you in the .