Token Distribution

The total supply of SINGULARITY is 18,000,000,000 which will be distributed as follows:

ConceptAllocation %Allocation TokensVesting (Weeks)TGE* %
Rewards Pool75%13,500,000,0005200.5%
Public Sales2%360,000,0002085%
Private Sale6.5%1,170,000,0000100%
Treasury Fund10%1,800,000,0002082%
  • TGE stands for Token Generation Event

Monetary Policy

SINGULARITYis an non-inflatable currency that will be usable in all the games in our network. The token can be earned through in game rewards, by participating in activities like mining and refining ores into minerals and alloys, and selling them in the game market.

SINGULARITY Vesting Schedule

SINGULARITY Token Distribution Over Time

The weekly vesting schedule should make the unlocked total grow at approximately the same rate as the in game economy.​

Rewards Pool

Total 75% of all SINGULARITY tokens will be allocated to reward players. Initially, these rewards will only apply to the first game available, Singularity. Over time as Redshift and Dominion are released, the rewards will be shared across all games which would make the token more scarce.

The TGE (Token Generation Event) for this category will instantly unlock 0.5% of the total amount of tokens allocated into it.

Public Token Sales

Over a span of approximately four years, 208 weeks, we will host several sales of in-game assets and NFTs.

The TGE for this category is set to 5% of its total allocation.

Private Token Sale

Before the currency is launched in any exchange, we will host an initial private token sale event. Details of this sale are being worked out and will be released and available shortly.

The TGE for this category is obviously 100%, all tokens will be instantly unlocked at the time the sale ends.

Treasury Fund

The purpose of the treasury fund is to grow the community and increase engagement. Initially, it will be managed by the team, but over time token holders will be able to vote on its evolution.

The TGE for this category is set to 2% of its total allocation.


At Covr we are committed to the development of the game, the network, and the community, long term. The team allocation vesting schedule will be spread over approximately 4 years, with weekly unlocking.

The TGE for this category is set to 1% of its total token allocation.