Ships And Modules

In Singularity, players are able to build ship hulls of all sizes, from extra small to citadel size. The hulls have a modular predefined volume, and the players can customize the interior makeup as they wish.

For example, for equal final internal volume, a player can choose to fit a ship with extra turrets and power plants but no cargo space for close-quarter combat. The same ship can also be fitted with extra hull reinforcement modules, more shields, and only missile launchers for long-distance battles. And yet another option could be to equip long and short-range scanners, engines, and afterburners but no weapons for a lightning-fast prospecting ship.

There are two tiers of difficulty in manufacturing these modular ships. Each tier produces a certain size of ships.

Tier 1 Ships

Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large size hulls.

There are different hulls inside each of these categories with slight variations in shapes and internal volume, with the most popular being the medium-size category.

Tier 2 Ships

Mining barges, Haulers, and Capital hulls.

Mining barges have a very specialized type of ship hulls, including hard ports for mining scanners, one or more mineral cargo holds that can only be installed in barges, reinforced hulls, and extended space for mining drones.

Haulers have large size hulls that can install a specialized cargo hold module that allows them to transport massive amounts of cargo at once.

Capital ships are the flagships, enormous hulls that can install capital sized guns.


The game includes hundreds of different modules that can be installed in ships, from thrusters, engines, afterburners, missile launchers, to lasers.

All modules are manufactured by players with blueprints, see the section in Game Economics about manufacturing and blueprints for more information.