Career Paths

In Singularity, the more you play the game, the more you will build your career in the Velorum Galaxy. Players don’t have to buy a book and "implant" it in their brains but they are able to choose any career path desired. All the players need are in-game equipment and time to play.

The players are able to build Skills by performing certain missions and tasks, for example, scanning an asteroid belt for rare ores. The more asteroid this player scans, the better and efficient he will become. This advantage can be leveraged to build an Explorer career with more potential for in-game rewards. Each of these careers or skills serves a critical role in the economy of the galaxy and will propel mankind forward to a future.

These are some of the suggested career paths available in the game:


Mining provides the most predictable and low-risk income stream in Singularity. The miners extract, transport, and refine raw ores from an asteroid to sell them in the market. There are two ways to improve production for miners, upgrading the equipment and gaining more experience to improve efficiency. There is always an option for the players to purchase the equipment needed in the in-game marketplace or dabble into an Industrialist’s profession to build it from a blueprint.

While mining might be simple and repetitive, they play an important role in the Velorum Galaxy’s economy. Almost everything in the game is built using refined ores and alloys. The type of ores they decide to refine and sell on the market defines the price and scarcity of the materials, effectively, controlling the supply of raw materials for those that choose the Industrialist career path.


If the miners are the ones supplying the galaxy with building blocks, then the Industrialists are the ones assembling them. They own the blueprints to build ships, drills, scanners, or any other pieces of equipment needed in Velorum Galaxy.

They spend their time on space stations where the manufacturing plants are built. Similar to miners and any other professions, the more they spend time manufacturing on space stations, the more proficient they become and higher the potential rewards such as lower fees and faster build. The most skilled Industrialists are even able to get free access to the equipment on the space station needed to build.

To start to build anything, first, they need materials that blueprint requires i.e. refined ores. Industrialists can either choose to also be miners, or use the market to simply purchase the materials they need.


Couriers are a critical bridge between the Miners and Industrialists. The space is vast, and space stations can be far apart. When the Industrialists need certain ores for a build, they need couriers to fulfill more scarce ones by transporting them from where they are mined to their location. They are able to haul different types of cargo across the galaxy for a contract and the right price. This profession is one of the riskier professions, as carrying precious cargo across a vast space can be a dangerous endeavor.


The space is vast and there are not enough people. The human race is pretty new in the galaxy and not many corners have been explored with exception of regions around Argos. There is satisfaction in being the first to discover the new regions of space and can be very profitable if you’re the first to find an asteroid with a rare ore.  


"If someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill ’em right back," said Captain Reynolds from Firefly. These are wise words to live by in this vast untamed galaxy. Sometimes hard honest days’ work is not worth as much as loot of a good pirating. Not everyone is meant for a steady grind day in and day out. For those players that want to live hard and fast, being an outlaw can be a lucrative venture.

Private Security

Everything and everyone can be hired for a price in this galaxy even the safety and security of your precious cargo. Humanity is just starting to explore this galaxy and the outskirts of space can be a dangerous place. Other players will pay you a handsome fee to protect them for the right cargo.