Solutions to common problems.

Any manufactured item available for sale will only be available in the region it was manufactured. Sellers have the option to create a sell order remotely, making the buyers aware of the location. Buyers then are available to pick up the items from the manufactured location or have them delivered via a hired couriers.

Hauling Ships

There is a specialized type of ship in the game called haulers, which have massive cargo holds that allow their owners to transport large cargo loads.

These ships have an insanely high mass which slows their reaction time, but their specs and mobility can be improved by equipping better modules.


Players can hire delivery services using in-game contracts, these are offered by couriers all throughout the Galaxy. Delivery contracts are agreed upon by two parties, and can be as basic as "transport cargo from point A to B".

Couriers can offer their services in the terminals in all space stations in the Galaxy. Other players can then hire them by specifying the details of the delivery contract and agreeing on a price.


Space is big, and there will always be people looking to make a quick buck by stealing your cargo rather than building or mining themselves. Piracy IS a thing in Singularity, and while NFTs won’t be stealable, minerals and alloys are.

There is an affordable delivery service available in all known regions of the galaxy, Velorum Express, allowing you to transport your precious cargo safely. While it is cheap and safe, it is very slow. Approximately ten times slower than the slowest hauler available in-game.

This gives players a clear choice, risk getting your items delivered quickly, or make sure they get to their destination by sending them through the slower but safer service.

Costs & Rewards

Delivery contracts between players require an exchange of VEC tokens between both parties.