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Raw ores are mixed with many impurities when gathered, making them unusable for manufacturing.  Only the pure and refined ores can be used for manufacturing which is achieved through the refining process. The players must take the ores that have been harvested in asteroid belts to space stations with refineries available, where they can be refined.

Not all space stations in the Galaxy have refinery stations available, players will have to haul their ores from the belts where they mine them.


Refining in Singularity is achieved by using recipes at the refinery terminals inside space stations. There are three recipe tiers available to all players.

Tier 1 Recipes: Raw Ores

These are used to refine raw ores into pure minerals.

Tier 2 Recipes: Alloys

Combining minerals to create alloys, for example, iron and carbon to obtain steel. Alloys then can also be combined through more complex recipes.

Tier 3 Recipes: Materials

Processing alloys and minerals to obtain advanced construction materials.

Refining stations work on batches per recipe, for example, refining Iron ore into pure Iron would be done in 10 metric tones of Iron ore batches. Players can refine fewer materials than the total expected in the recipe, but this won’t shorten or change the single cycle time length.


Similarly, as with mining yield, players start the game with a refining efficiency rate of 0 and increase over time until it reaches 1. Each time a player refines materials the rate increases.

The rate increases faster depending on the level of the recipe being used, but not based on the number of ores or minerals being refined.


Every time players successfully complete a refining cycle, they get rewarded with VEC tokens. Tokens are transferred to the player’s wallet when the cycle is completed.

Unlike with mining, there is no equipment that can further improve the refining cycle time-only the player efficiency rate does. Once players reach a rate of 1, the refining cycles complete as quickly as possible anywhere in the galaxy.