Mining is the backbone of the industry in all three games in the Velorum Galaxy since everything requires minerals to build. Miners travel across the galaxy to gather raw ores and can use them to build in-game equipment, modules, and ships by refining the raw ores. They have options to be rewarded VEC for this hard work, starting with selling the raw ores to other players to refining the ores themselves for a higher price.

Pick & Axe

All miners go through a similar process to mine their ores no matter the type of the ores but the process varies in length and effort based on the type and value of the ores.

The process of mining is relatively simple:

  • Approach an asteroid.
  • Use your mining scanner to obtain its ore composition.
  • Launch mining drones to gather minerals.
  • Use drones to deposit the minerals in your cargo hold, repeat until depleted.
  • Move on to the next asteroid.


Mining yield is based mostly on the time spent mining, the more you mine the better your yield. When players first join the game their mining efficiency rate is 0, but each mining cycle increases it a bit more.

This efficiency rate is then applied to the speed/yield of the mining drones, decreasing the time they take on each mining cycle, and increasing the amount each drone can harvest.

To expedite the mining efficiency rate and increase the quantity mined, they are able to buy specialized mining equipment i.e. better quality drones as NFTs in the marketplace. The player’s efficiency rate is applied to the drone’s base time and amount units.


Every time players mine successfully, they will get rewarded with VEC tokens. The tokens are transferred automatically to their wallets when the mining cycles are complete. If a player does not complete the mining cycle which can happen due to attacks on the ships, that cycle will be lost and no rewards will be rewarded.

The yield efficiency rate follows a logarithmic scale from 0 to 1, it increases very quickly early on and flattens out over time.