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Manufacturing is the process of using input materials to create equipment, components, and ships at space stations. This is achieved by using blueprints.


All equipment and ships in the game require blueprints to be manufactured. All blueprints are created by Covr as NFTs and released or sold in the marketplace over time.

Blueprints are used and can only be used at a single manufacturing terminal at a time, but since they are of a digital nature, their location can easily be switched just by accessing a manufacturing terminal at a different station.

Blueprints don’t expire, and have no usage limits by their owners, however players can choose to license their blueprints to other players for a fee.

This allows players that currently don’t own a blueprint to manufacture equipment or ships without the initial investment required to purchase the plans.

As NFTs Blueprints can be sold in the marketplace so long as they are not being currently used.

Proficiency & Costs

Crafting any equipment at the manufacturing terminals consumes the resources required by the blueprint, and some VEC tokens.

Proficiency using blueprints for manufacturing will improve the efficiency of the process, lowering the bill of resources needed, decreasing costs, and improving profit margins.

Similarly to mining and refining, each player joining the game will have a manufacturing efficiency rate of 0 that will increase over time up to a maximum of 1, on a logarithmic scale.