Velorum Games Whitepaper

Last Updated 2/4/2023

☀ Singularity

Singularity is the first of three games to be set in the vast Velorum Galaxy. In Singularity, players are able to explore, combat ship to ship, and work in selected professions across multiple regions, establishing the backbone of the economy in the Galaxy.

🪐 Redshift

Redshift, the second game, will enable players to settle into planets, build space stations, and combat on the ground. The known Galaxy will expand to many thousands of systems and surface resources will become of immense strategic importance.

🚀 Dominion

Dominion, the third game, will enable players to assert sovereignty and control multiple planets or regions for their resources. Alliances between factions and corporations will spawn combat at a larger scale.

⚡️ Galactic Economy

In Singularity, players are able to choose professions to advance the mission of exploring and discovering resources in the hidden corners of the galaxy. The professions such as miner, courier, engineer, or industrialist all head towards humanity's goal of expansion across the galaxy.

All three games in Velorum, Singularity, Redshift, and Dominion, will have their own individual marketplace where the players are able to buy, sell and trade in-game assets with VEC tokens, however, certain assets in the form of NFTs will be able to be played in more than one game. Players in any of the three games will also be earning rewards based on in-game activity and community engagement.

The games will eventually be fully decentralized, all server side code running instead in the Solana blockchain.

🏛 Development

The games in the Velorum Galaxy are developed by Covr LLC.